„Getting to know each other!”

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„Getting to know each other!” is a multilateral youth exchange, under the E+ framework, which will take place in the town of Horezu in Valcea county, Romania, from 25 April to 05 May 2018 (including travel days).
For 9 days, 30 young people, aged between 18 and 30 years, and 6 TL (no upper age limit) coming from Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Romania will meet in order to share experiences, learn and focus on concrete actions for
developing the social and intercultural competences, to promote creativity, national traditions and customs (through national, traditional handicrafts – using different techniques as Origami). It is worth mentioning that among the 30 young P (excluding the TL) will be integrated at least 12 young people (40% of P) facing with fewer opportunities, fact that underline the social inclusion component of this project.
Thus, the YE aim will be achieved through the following specific objectives (SMART):

OS1: Raising the awareness of 36 young people coming from 6 different countries on the needs to develop social, intercultural competences in the current European context, during YE
OS2: Acquiring new key competencies for 36 young people during YE. These will be acquired /developed by non-formal methods during YE
OS3: Social integration of 12 young people with fewer opportunities. Through their involvement in the project, they will feel socially integrated, they will gain self- confidence, they will acquire key competences that will help them in the future
OS4: Promoting a sense of solidarity and tolerance among young P to facilitate social cohesion at EU level during YE.
OS5: Develop and maintain the strategic partnership between the promoters of this project.
Among the learning objectives we can include:
– Acquiring the tehnical skills to do handicrafts using Origami technique
– Acquiring cooperation and teamwork competences and communication and relationship skills,
– Acquiring a tolerant attitude towards young people who come from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and social statuses.
– Increasing the ICT competences of young people involved in this project by participating in editing flyers for the promotion campaign, by editing videos, creating pages for project on different social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Through ART FAIR (exhibition of handicrafts made during the workshops) we want to bring to the local community attention ways of using free time, creating gifts and why not, new opportunities for developing businesses by making decorative items using the Origami technique, but also to increase awareness among participants regarding the importance of preserving national customs and traditions. The project activities are aimed to engaging young people through active participation and it will be facilitated intercultural exchange, exchanging ideas, sustaining dialogue; organized tasks so that each participant will have the opportunity to come into contact with a different culture. For a successful project we proposed the following working methods: knowledge games/self konowledge, evaluative games, integrative methods, storyboard, teamwork, brainstorming, discussions/debates on different subjects, teambuilding, intercultural observations.
At the end of the youth exchange, each participant will receive a Youthpass Certificate. This will recognise the acquired skills through participation in this project.

* The Youth Exchange is a project where young people work and live together in an international group for a specific time. It consists of preparation, implementation, and follow-up activities. For the duration of the Youth Exchange, young people undertake a joint programme of activities with specific aims and objectives. Youth Exchanges foster the mobility of young people in Europe. They encourage initiative and creativity in young people, facilitate their active participation in the project, and thereby provide an intercultural learning experience.