About us

European Foundation for Education and Sport is an organization established in 2014. We are working mostly on international level, our mission and the main goal is to promote creation of positive environment for development of NGO sector and civil initiatives focused on human rights, civil society development, promotion of European values especially in the field of muliticulturalism and intercultural dialogue. Startup Stock Photos

Working towards development of Europe we pay special attention to international cooperation and sharing those values with non-EU countries.We also focus on strentghening cooperation between NGOs, business environment, and authorities in order to empower the process of removing sociocultural obstackles in social integration and support the inclusion process. We want to achieve active participation of individuals in life of local communities, faith that one can have influence on the direction of social development, which will help us strengthen relations between European citizens, based on basic European values such as tolerance, equality, peace, democracy.

Main goals:

  1. Promotion of European Citizenship and its values
  2. Creating environment to develop ideas and activities supporting intercultural dialogue
  3. Fostering activeparticipation in social life of individuals
  4. Removing obstackles in social inclusion process
  5. Sharing good practices with organizations from Europe and non-EU countries
  6. Supporting and creating actions supporting European integration, socio-economical development and all forms of education
  7. Supporting local institutions and organizations and building partner networks between public administration, NGOs, companies on local and international level

As an NGO we organized 11 European Projects that included 12 Youth Exchanges and 2 Vocational Trainings for kids. In our everyday work we often direct our actions to young people using innovative non formal tools based on their interest in order to get their active participation. We have a lot of experience to share in this area and we’re eager to learn from experience of other NGO’s from across the Europe. Even though we are a new NGO, our staff organized over 60 european projects, youth exchanges, TC’s etc.


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